Birds of a feather
Abbey Lee, you're a mystery to me...

pretttty. Abbey Lee Kershaw in Exit, May 2009
Clone invasion
Im sorry, but after I posted that last Sasha Pivovarova post, I just had to post this. Its rediculous. Im not sure what season issue this is, just that its Craig McDean, but I think its nuts how similar Gemma and Sasha look! All of them kind of look similar actually
Just sit there and look pretty

Sasha Pivovarova in Vogue China May 2009, Denim Chic
rag & bone

SPRING/SUMMER 2009 lineup
Tell me a lie, and a good one at that...
Vogue may issue-models

Some of my favorite people around a table! I love vogue's idea of dedicating their issue to models... i don't think that they get enough credit for the fashion industry. They inspire designers, wear their clothes, work their runways, travel away from their families, and they inspire people like us!

zip around

new british label coming around. check it out here.
vanity, i'm running away

A little bit in love with you
It is the greatest song ever made..

Wave Machines - The Greatest Escape We Ever Made from Pippy Pipsnade on Vimeo.
truely an amazing song. I love this band so much, and this song is gold.
I love your slouch

dress it around