fendi SS 2013

I scoured the Internet for some good Fendi photos. I couldn't find that many.......jk lol. I wanted to show off the genius that IS this collection. It reminds me of Africa. I have no idea why lol. Perhaps its the colors. But Karl outdid himself on this collection I honestly loved the WHOLE damn thing. Right up to the makeup detail. 

jil sander SS13

Jil Sander is my second favorite designer. The collections are always consistent boundary pushing but in the most subtle ways. This collection, for example, was simple and clean-cut, with big statements of bold colors (a re-occurring pattern this season it seems), but it was off-set with subtle undertones of white. Aside from the hair-style and the great use of color, I'd like to point out the amazing footwear. For some of the looks I had to do a double-take for a second to realise that half the boot was in fact two-toned and not just the model's skin color. I felt like the collection was also very 60's/70's inspired. Or maybe I'm just crazy, i don't know. But some looks felt very "funky" with disco-esque boots and large polka-dots. 

stella mccartney SS 2013

My third favorite designer is Stella McCartney. She never seizes to amaze me... like ever. Every season her collections get better and better; building off of the previous one. This season, she uses bold, strong colors against lighter tones/shades of white and grey and black. And of course, she employs m favorite look of all: the 'hair-behind-the-ears' look. Which is a look employ on a daily basis.

chloe S/S 2013

My all time favorite designer is Chloe. This was by far my favorite collection that SS '13 fashion week had to offer. The whites with small splashes of color here and there with pin-stripes or a touch of flower applique. I thought the whole collection was fucking brilliant, pardon my french. 


she is my whole life: there is honestly nothing quite like her style. every look she has is different and versatile.  I often find myself flipping through my 'Ruby Aldridge archives' on mornings when i have no idea what to wear and need a little inspiration. This girl's a beauty! 


For Fall, I would say these are primarily the looks I've been rocking. I haven't been wearing any plaid skirts but the flats/loafers, boxy knits, trouser pants and trench coats..and lets not forget my signature look: the hair-behind-the-ears. I prefer that hair style to the typical 'middle part'. I think it literally has the ability to transform an entire outfit. 


I think out of everything this season the thing I like most is the deep greens that I've been seeing. Its such a bold color, I love it. 


Go watch the full Saint Laurent show on Youtube. It's quite literally magnificent