too good to leave out...

so here are some more of zippora seven. we posted one of the pictures in an early post but figured these were too good to pass by. gotta love the vintagey feel of the pieces and the strange lip color
swimming, swimming, in my swimming pool...

Coco's gone to the dark side...

I'm not going to deliberate my opinion until I've got some more shots to go by.. but Coco Rocha has definitely gone dark (not quiet black... but almost). not sure how i feel, the red was a bit too red at times but it suited her. what do you think?
Out from the West

Those thigh high boots look so good on Freja! I feel like in the real world there would be a fine line between fashionable and trashy wearing these... but in the mean time they are gorgeous in this world. I'm also drooling over that dress and her huge belt!
Gaga again...

so i know its not that fashion related but something i thought would be fun to share.. Lady G has come out with a new video for "Paparazzi", i love how strange she is! watch it and hopefully you'll agree
w h e r e ' d y o u g e t t h o s e e y e s ?

I loveee her blue blazar. I need one of those super bad!
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Never too old for Dress-Ups!

This is so ridiculous that i had to share! I mean really, what is with all the but padding? Such strange pieces but Sasha really does save this with her smile! It looks like they are having so much fun which makes this postable. I can't wait to run around the beach like this soon!(minus the padding of course)
Pardon my french

Sorry for not posting in ages! life has been so busy lately, preparing for exams next week...can't wait till they're over. Thought I'd take a study break, and so i bring you this gorgeous Vogue Paris editorial--I love the Parisian feel . All of the tights are in my dreams! + they really do show off their killer legs!
Maryna Anja Edita
Erin Wasson, Vogue Paris
erin heatherton

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Answering the sun

Calvin Klein spring campaign

I love the fresh feel of these looks and the clean lines. they keep it simple in a complex way... does that make sense?
I would wear it
so concentrated on nothing...

"there are certain shades of limelight that can wreck a girl's complection"
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Making your way

So some of you may remember an earlier post about the up and coming model Arlenis Sosa, and those that don't you can see it here. Well she recently featured in Vogue Italia! Overall, the photos are gorgeous but I do admit they need some variation. her gorgeous face stayed in the same expression most of the time, and Arlenis didn't stray too far away from the bent and hunched look for many of the poses. Keep working on it Sosa! we're watching!