Forever young

Kate never seems to age. She still has her timeless beauty and still outshines everyone out their. she really does just have 'it'. That thing that modeling agencies scrounge for and every girl wishes for. Your so lucky Kate.


  1. hello :) i've visited your blog for the first time and I like it ;) and i have a question as well: how do you get your photos to be so large on the blog? mine always turn out small. how do you publish them?


  2. k so when you want to upload a photo you click the "New Post" tab at the top of the page. Then you click the "Add Image" tab (like you normally would when you want to upload a photo) then there's a heading at the top that says "upoload photos form the web" or somthing like that and underneath theres a URL section. So you go to the picture you want, then you right-click on the picture, and click on Properties. From there you shoudl see "Address (URL):" and you just copy the URL and paste it into the URL section in the "Upload Photo" tab
    hopefully that helps lol

    ps thanks for viewing our blogg :)