I just got these new Wilfred shorts from Aritzia yesterday. I like them because theyre really light and the color is nice for this time of year and the material is perfect for the weather we've been having. They were $95, a little steep, but thats tobe expected when shopping at aritzia. It was worth it though.

Id been lookign for a pair of shorts like these for a really long time. The purchase was inspired by these pictures of Constance Jablonski from the IRO shoot:

when I was trying them on I was a little skeptical about the cut. I was affraid they'd make me look like I was a wearing a diaper. They looked amazing though. Im not really into super tight clothes. I like outfits that are comfortable and loose and easy to move around in.
The shorts come in two more colors, black and blue. I tried on the black first and it also looked good, but that wouldve been yet another black peice of clothing to add to my predominantly black wardrobbe. I'm trying to go for brighter colors this summer. Though it is proving really hard, I think these shorts are a very good start.

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