Photogrpaher, Helene Sharp, from Ottawa. These are her photos. I came across them a couple weeks ago and was quite literally blown away. I asked her a few questions about them. I wanted some insight on where her inspiration comes from. These are her answers:

"When I have my camera with me i'm usually outside being active. the photos I take are of settings I see around town and I just add people to them in my head, usually whoever i'm with at the time. I don't like to stage things too much. I like accidental and natural looking photographs. old fashioned."

"I would love to be a photographer!!! But at the moment I'm going to university for Art Ed. I see photography as a hobby, not a career just yet."

"This sounds really cheesy but when I was a kid my mom got a film camera and would let me waste film on stupid pictures of my stuffed animals or my cats or the family. I still have a photo album of them that my mom kept and they're all god awful. I guess you could say I've always loved photography."


  1. There are some really amazing photos here!

  2. Im so agree with estella, such lovely photos.. thanks for sharing it with us :)